Biofuels is the largest energy source in Sweden
Biofuels have come to be the largest source of energy in Sweden. The Swedish use of bioenergy has increased from 40 TWh/year in the 1970s to around 140 TWh today. In 2009, bioenergy surpassed oil as the leading energy source for the Swedish energy consumption. The same year, the total use of bioenergy was more than the use of electricity from hydropower and nuclear power together. 


Forests provide the largest share of biomass for energy use
Most of the bioenergy supplied to the Swedish energy system originates in the forest, and is referred to as wood fuels. Wood fuels can be categorized into three main groups, depending on precedent use: forest fuels; energy forest, and recycled wood fuel.


Forest fuel is wood fuel which has had no previous use. Tops and branches of trees as well as low quality wood, inadequate for use in saw- or pulp mills, are examples of this. Energy forest is wood planted with energy generation as the only purpose. Recycled wood fuel is wood fuels that have been used in other processes than energy generation, for example recycled construction wood. 


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