The pulp and paper industry

Paper products are part of our daily life
Products made of paper are used for a variety of purposes in our everyday life. For mediation of information in newspapers and printed matters, as different forms of packaging, and for hygiene products, just to mention a few. The raw material is virgin fiber from the forest. In addition, a significant amount of recycled fiber from consumers is used as raw material. The production of newsprint in Europe is for example essentially based on recycled fiber. However, since the recycled fiber does not have the strength required for certain kinds of high quality paper and as it loses its paper making qualities after a certain number of re-uses, the use of virgin fiber is an integral part of the paper-making process. 


The Swedish pulp and paper industry is export intensive
The forest industry as a whole plays an important part in the Swedish economy. It is also heavily export oriented and makes a significant contribution to Sweden’s trade balance. Sweden is the world’s second largest exporter of pulp, paper and sawn wood products combined.  Of the pulp and paper production, close to 90 percent is exported. As for pulp production, around a quarter of the total consumption of pulp within the EU are manufactured in Sweden. 


The industry's raw material is renewable and recyclable
The activities of the forest industry are based on a renewable material, the growing forest. Provided that forests are managed sustainably, they are able to provide society with an infinite source of carbon-neutral raw material. This gives the industry unique opportunities in times when there is an interest from society to replace fossil-based products with renewable ones to in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. A lot of research to develop new products out of bio-based materials, such as wood from the forest, is on-going, and the Swedish forest industry has elaborated a vision to act as a driving force in the development of a so called bio-based economy up till 2035.


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