standing volume

  • New forest survey shows higher standing volume and higher growth

    Etiketter: Forestry
    SCA has performed a new forest survey in 2019. According to the new survey, SCA’s standing timber volume is 11 million cubic metres (m3fo 1) higher than previously estimated. The survey also shows that the annual growth is 1 million cubic metres higher than the previous estimate. / SCA
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  • Increased gross felling in 2014

    Etiketter: Skog
    According to statistics from Swedish Forest Agency, the gross felling in 2014 was estimated to 91.5 million cubic metre standing volume (stem volume over bark from stump to tip). It is the highest figure since 2007. This is an increase by 7 percent compared to 2013. / Swedish Forest Agency
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  • Gross Fellings 2012

    Slight decrease in gross fellings. According to preliminary forecast from the Swedish Forest Agency the gross fellings in the year 2012 was estimated to 87.7 million m³ standing volume. / Swedish Forest Agency
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