corrugated board

  • Eero Aarnio designs an eco-playhouse made with corrugated board

    Etiketter: The pulp and paper industry
    Eero Aarnio, an artist worldwide famous for furniture designs, such as the iconic Ball Chair, has designed an eco-playhouse made with corrugated board. Aarnio has always been interested in different materials and the opportunities they create. Corrugated board has a particular fascination for him due to its light weight and environmental credentials. / Metsä Board
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  • New corrugated standard benefits many

    Etiketter: Forest research and education
    Now is a new standard for machine packing with corrugated board here. The project “Up-date SUW standard” has been working on this for two years and it will make life easier for the partners in the corrugated board value chain. / RISE
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