bush fire

  • Analysis: NSW does it right with a new department, Victoria still wracked by uncertainty

    Etiketter: Forestry
    This week marked the official end to the most devastating bush fire season in New South Wales’ history. Nationally the fire season, which is still in force in Victoria and South Australia, was unprecedented in terms of conditions experienced, the loss of lives and property, and the threat to communities. / Timberbiz
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  • Huon Valley fires update – extent of damage still to be assessed

    Etiketter: Wood
    The Ta Ann Mill at Southwood and its surrounding plantations were a high priority for firefighters following widespread fire in the Huon Valley last week. There was some superficial damage to buildings as an ember attack in the wake of the fire front damaged a skylight and entered the building, which was fortunately extinguished by fire crews. / Timberbiz
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