Forest research and education

Today’s forest research and education face societal challenges

Today’s forestry research and education faces many challenges. Forest resources have gained increased attention in recent times in connection to climate change and the need to replace fossil-based products with renewable ones. But also in connection to society’s dependence on critical so called ecosystem services that forests provide, like stabilization of our climate, cleaning of our waters, or provision of environments for recreational purposes. In short, society’s demands on the services that forests provide are increasing.

A challenge for forest research is to develop scientific knowledge on management strategies to enable the reconciliation of differing, and sometimes conflicting, demands for wood fuels for energy purposes and raw material for novel renewable wood-based products, which can replace fossil-based alternatives, with already existing demands for raw material to the traditional woodworking- and pulp- and paper industries, while at the same time preserving biodiversity and functioning forest ecosystems, including quality of water and soils, as well as social values of forests. 

The main actor on the Swedish forestry research and education stage is the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, but forestry-, forest industrial and forest-related research and education is also undertaken at several other universities and research institutes in the country. 


International research cooperation is necessary

Even though Sweden holds a prominent position in forest research and development, international cooperation is an integral part of today’s research. Many research challenges related to forest resources are also of a regional or global character, such as climate change and its connection to forests, causes of deforestation, water management, as well as combating poverty. As for the forest industry, international research and development cooperation is a natural part since several businesses have significant parts of production abroad and operate in international markets. 


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