About us

Forest Sweden is unique in the world
Through ForestSweden, the whole of the forest, pulp and paper industry has created a common portal on the Internet. No other country in the world has succeeded in doing likewise, which gives us competitive advantages.

Read about the latest Development
During year 2000 the swedish woodbranch decided to present their companies and their production on the internet . That has been done via Forest Sweden. To satisfy all interests we had to rebuild The Forest Sweden site. This means that Forest Sweden really has become a portal for the almost all swedish forest, wood, and pulp/paper branches together with their major suppliers. We hope that the new version of Forest Sweden will be interesting and useful for even more visitors who also will return many times to our site.

What can be found in Forest Sweden?
The main purpose is to be able to find companies and organisations which work with the forests and forestry, wood and timber, pulp and paper as their base. Research too has a given place in Forest Sweden. Certain companies have their own home pages while others only give their addresses and telephone numbers. You can search for producers, ask questions concerning the forest, find basic data on the forest and the forest industries, read press briefings, and much more. You will be able to find out, from our members, everything you want to know from timber prices to information on recovered paper, overheads on the forest industries, and information on forest machines and schools. And this is just a small selection of what is available!

The owner of Forest Sweden
The initiative to start Forest Sweden was taken jointly by the forest industry and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Companies and organisations which have played a prominent part in creating ForestSweden have been the Swedish Forest Industries Association, Mellanskog, AssiDomän, SCA, STORA, Modo, the Swedish Sawmill Employers' Federation and the National Board of Forestry.
The owners of ForestSweden are the companies and organisations mentioned above and Swedish Forestry Association, Sveaskog, SLU among others. Together they form the management group and decide questions relating to the future development of Forest Sweden.

Operations and development
SLU Kontakt in Umeå was the owner of the project and responsible for operations, development and project management on behalf of the owners of ForestSweden.

Since 2011 Forest Sweden is managed by the Swedish Forestry Association.

Why is Forest Sweden needed on the Internet?

  • To increase the competitive strength of Swedish wood, pulp and paper products.
  • To locate the whole industry in one place. Easier to find. Of particular importance internationally.
  • It can significantly increase the customer base/customer contacts for the sales companies.
  • To make it easier for those looking for information to more easily contact the 'right' person/organisation/company.
  • Information can be supplemented by communication, the receiver can make comments, ask questions or look for new business contacts.
  • The Internet allows information to always be updated and correct. Information is instantly available without delays.
  • Collected information makes the forestry industry tangible and understandable to decision-makers.
  • The information is always available on the receivers terms.
  • Communication within and between organisations and companies can be made more effective via mailing lists and E-mail.
  •  Information is available at the convenience of the receiver, independent of time.