OPEN CALL for forest researchers

Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and the North European Regional Office of European Forest Institute (EFINORD) collaborate to support forest research networks on an annual basis. The aim is to promote North European synergies within forest research and to establish closer collaboration between forest research communities in the Nordic, Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic regions. The network should involve participants from at least three Nordic countries and three other countries in the EFINORD area. The networks shall be relevant in a Nordic-Baltic setting and the expected outputs can include for example; networking, arranging workshops, seminars or open conferences, producing large-scale project applications or designing policy recommendations based on research findings. The networks should cover topics within sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy, maintenance and utilisation of ecosystem services or climate change mitigation and adaptation. The network must have an even gender distribution (40-60% gender balance) and female coordinators are encouraged to apply for funding. The network shall include and involve PhD students/young researchers.

torsdag, 1 mars, 2018 - 08:00 till fredag, 1 juni, 2018 - 00:00
Katarina Ekegren